Closet cleaning and editing :

  • Service includes intensive coaching on what is best for your body shape and personal style You will try on everything in your closet,  keep what makes you look radiant and donate what is dragging your look down. Average time 4-9 hours, dependent on size of your personal closet.


  •  All old or unfitted garments will be donated to the Salvation Army, unless specified to be consigned. Complimentary wine and lunch/dinner over 5 hours.

50.00 per hour rate

Private Location , Wardrobe Makeover

  • You try on racks of personally chosen clothing and venture into your confident, new self. 
  • 6 hour  private design session at a private beautiful space. 
  •  Includes styling of shoes & all accessories , You leave the day of , with a full, new  seasonal wardrobe. 
  •   Includes  30 minutes of complimentary reiki before design session. 
  • Complimentary wine and lunch/dinner and wine choices.

1600.00  package rate

At Home, Wardrobe Makeover: 

  • Wardrobe designer  brings your  seasonal apparel to your home  in your sizes and style, includes shoes and accessories.
  • 6 hour styling session
  • Designer requires an extra hour both before and after for set up and tear down. 
  • Complimentary wine and healthy lunch/dinner delivery upon break time.

1400.00 package rate

Be Colorful Makeup Session:

  •  A personalized makeup look specialized to your face shape, skin tone, and eye shape.  
  • See your full look of hand chosen makeup from diverse makeup brands.  You leave with your new products!
  • Organic makeup available.  1 hour


  • 30 ways to wear :
  •  30 different outfit designs , printed in your own luxurious personal portfolio.
  • This way , you can't forget the full design details, and works as a great refresher for garment pairings .
  • Product given within 7-10 days of design session.

+ 200.00

Service fee's &  payment  for wardrobe budget required at time of booking. Reimbursement for a grand total of final purchases less than budget will be reimbursed by check. 

  • Service Details:

  • Makeup/skincare and  garment purchases are not included in any of the above service fees.  
  • Service fee's &  payment  for wardrobe budget required at time of booking.
  • During at home sessions, any garments, accessories damaged by pets must be paid for by client.


When considering your budget, remember sales tax, also your budget  for wardrobe designing is not just for clothing/ garments. Your purchased wardrobe will include shoes and accessories unless otherwise specified , make some space for the important staples that bring your wardrobe design together.